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Samsung QLED vs Sony 4K LED TV Comparison (Upscaling, HDR, Game Mode)

We compare the picture quality of the Samsung Q80T QLED vs Sony XH95 (also marketed as the Bravia X950H in the USA) 4K LED TV in a side-by-side comparison. Aspects covered include local dimming, colour accuracy, motion, upscaling, screen uniformity, HDR, game mode, reflection handling and viewing angle.

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Both 2020 TVs are 55 inches in screen size which retails for £1599 in the UK at launch, model number Samsung QE55Q80T and Sony KD-55XH9505 respectively.

Note: From 7:22 to 8:11 during the HDR luminance heatmap comparison, the source footage exhibited greyer blacks and more shadow detail than the filmed footage of the televisions. This is because the source footage was captured in HDR10 PQ (perceptual quantisation) and then rendered in SDR for this video, not to mention our camera didn't have enough dynamic range to capture all the shadow detail from the TV screens. In other words, the heatmap analysis is only valid for brightness above 100 nits owing to how it was conducted.

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Shane Chapman : Even the q90t has fucked local dimming in game mode. I just got it today & i already want to take it back for an oled. My PLASMA from 2011 has better night time game picture quality than my new 2020 $1500 qled smh.
kose241 : Q90T is the same price as the 950H, better buy?
Hermit Chicken : I like Sony so much
Of course both are good though
P R : I like Sony tbh.
malus.animus : great revied, but from late october standpoint more interesting would be samsung q80t v sony xh90 both with hdmi 2.1 and from 2020 model year.
seon kim : I can't believe Sonny's still in the TV market.
In the TV market, the king is now Samsung.
SAL 9000 : This is quite a hard choice to make, and I'm glad I don't have to make it. Sony has blooming, ghosting (windmill blades), and lesser blacks. The detail in Samsung is comparatively poor, is less bright, and crushes the shadows.
Jazzy : God I've spent days mulling over sony v hisense then when I decide to go for the sony I see the samsung q60, I'm really torn but need to get my head round this.
JSW : Sony win
NOS jimny : My phone 1080p 60fsh.how to see your 4k tv in YouTube?????

History of Sony TV 1960 to 2020 Evolution

History of Sony TV 1960 to 2020 Evolution. Take a moment and see just how far Sony TVs have progressed. Not all the models in the video. Until 2010 we included only revolutionary models.

Differences through the years from SONY TV8-301, SONY TV5-303, SONY KV-1310, SONY KX-27HF1, SONY KX-21HV1, SONY KW-3600HD, SONY KDL-46X1000, SONY A2000, SONY W85C, SONY X90C 4K, SONY W70C, SONY W07, SONY SD85, SONY XD70, SONY X900H, SONY Z8H, SONY A9 and more.

History of LG TV 1966 to 2020 Evolution

History of the Samsung TV 1970 to 2020 Evolution

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All Motorola Phones Evolution 1984-2020

Samsung Galaxy A Series Evolution 2014-2020

All Samsung Phones Evolution 1988-2020

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Edilson Santos Ribeiro : Music
Edilson Santos Ribeiro :
Dario D'angelo : Sempre avanti.....
Gaston Enrique Bautista Giraldo : Nací con esta marca
Burhan Altuntas : Background music?
Umbrella Corporation : Sony уже давно просрала рынок TV.
сейчас у Sony в ближайших планах просрать консольный рынок
PS5 на 20% слабее Xbox Series X
а одни и те же игры на PS5 стоят = $80, а на Series X стоят = $60
죤슨즈베이비 : 아직 소니티비를 사는사람이 있나요~☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
shabir ali : Bravia is best
DerpyPerson : Found my tv which was real eased in 2008 but I upgraded to a smart and large tv which is epic
Adin Chandra : I think Sony TV is a great TV more than other brand. Why? They Have exclusive features like PlayStation...

Like Picture enhancement, optimization and more

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Luxury Goo : RGB방식으로는 대화면 OLED를 양산하기 매우 어렵디고 들었습니다 그래서 삼성도 포기했더랬죠
Kurumi raks : 티비보기 싫어지면 구겨서 휴지통에 버리면 되겠네 ㅋㅋㅋ
Jessica Park : 아니 삼성하고 엘지는 외계인 갈아 만드는게 그걸 뛰어넘을 애들이 있겠누.... 감성팔이하는 애플은 빼고
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김이지 : 근대 누가 티비를 말아넣는기능.. 매번 쓸까?! 귀찮게.. 집에오면 티비부터 키는데...
ᄋᄋ : 저 그지같은걸 tv라고 일본 그지새끼들.
한혜영 : IT기업이 성장하는 만큼 기술 유출에 대한 처벌도 아주 강하게해야 하지 않나 싶습니다.세상구경 못하게 매장 시키는거죠.
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