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football is probably the most competitive sport ever invented, the fans are relentless and more hardcore than any sports even the players can be overly competitive at times with a lot of players being known to cheat like this goalkeeper who digs up the penalty spot making the penalty taker miss But the fans can be even more relentless running onto the field releasing fireworks onto the field and much worse, you should never do this if you go to a football game today we’re going through 15 moments when football fans go too far

This first fan was betting with his friend whether or not he could hit this footballer on the head with a water bottle and whether it would reach or not and it turns out it did, dele ali was going to take a throw in but before he does he gets knocked on the head with a water bottle from the stands before he taunts the fans with 2 nil hand sign because his team is 2 goals up

This next moment shows a fan who runs all the way down from the stands and onto the football field only to kick the ball out of a player hands, this player goes to take a throw in but this fan interrupts that and kicks the ball away from him, this almost turns into a small scuffle till the security interrupt

This next fan was famous for rushing onto the pitch during the Champions League final, this fan for publicity runs onto the field and is quickly apprehended but this actually lead to her gaining over 1 million followers the same night for this publicity stunt and also because she’s beautiful

This next moment shows when fans go way too over the top by bringing in fireworks and firecrackers and throwing them on the pitch destroying the pitch and stopping the game indefinitely, this has happened so many times though that there’s compilations of fireworks being released onto pitches

This next moment showcases when cardiff city fans raid the pitch, this was literally seconds after the players had gone through the tunnel and it took hours to get all the fans off the pitch even the person recording this has had enough of everyone

This next fan with a motorised wheelchair rushes onto the pitch with his arm in the air in celebration he is then high fived by another fan who made it onto the pitch

This next fan actually ends up taking the free kick at game while he’s being chased by security, the players are unaware of the player invading the pitch until they notice the ball going towards the goal, the goalie is aware though and actually saves the ball from going in with ease, he was then apprehended shortly after

This next fan actually approaches football legend luis suarez when he played for liverpool he harrases suarez until he actually gets down onto his knees and worships him he then stands back up and taunts towards the cameras which they would’ve offended hundreds of thousands of people watching at home

9: this next football fans actually tries to climb over the fence at this football game something that a lot of football fans do which is dangerous but this one was caught on camera and the guy completely fails and ends up falling back making himself look foolish in the process even though he does nearly make it

This next fan parachutes onto the pitch obviously for publicity you can tell by his parachute and his lack of surprise when he sees where he is, this caused the whole game to stop and restart as this fan quickly gets off the pitch when he sees how annoyed the players are at this interruption

This isn’t the only time this has happened though in this boxing match for publicity a fan used a motorised parachute to glide into the stands interrupting the match and risking a lot of peoples safety luckily no one was injured

11 this next group of fans strangely decided to throw beach balls onto the stadium which is obviously very strange and i have no idea how they managed to sneak this many beach balls into the stadium without security noticing but they did and they interrupted this game as they had to all be collected

12: this next moment shows when neymar jr one of the best wingers in football was being touched and harassed by a fan in the stands as he took an alternative route to get out of the stadium neymar being neymar obviously retaliated

13: this next player actually takes this penalty, this russian team is in a tense spot this penalty could be the difference between winning and drawing but this fan interrupts the penalty and takes it himself before running off while being chased by security

14: this next fan actually does something very weird and unusual this ahs never been done before this and has never been attempted after but this fan decides to throw money on the pitch to try to distract players, this doesn’t work, probably because it was only a stack of one dollar bills but still it’s very weird

15: these next fans throw weird items onto the pitch including baby dolls and toy pigs some of these are in

Live Score Thailand Open Badminton 2021 (Day 2)

Live streaming hari kedua
12 - 17 JANUARY

court 1
WD Puttita SUPAJIRAKUL Thailand Sapsiree TAERATTANACHAI Thailand vs Australia Setyana MAPASA Australia Gronya SOMERVILLE
WS Soniia CHEAH Malaysia vs Korea AN Se Young [7]
MD ONG Yew Sin Malaysia TEO Ee Yi Malaysia vs India M.R. ARJUN India Dhruv KAPILA
WS QI Xuefei France vs Spain Carolina MARIN [5]
XD Mathias CHRISTIANSEN Denmark Alexandra BØJE Denmark vs Thailand Nipitphon PHUANGPHUAPET Thailand Chasinee KOREPAP
XD Thom GICQUEL France Delphine DELRUE France vs Denmark Mikkel MIKKELSEN Denmark Rikke SØBY
7 WS Neslihan YIGIT Turkey vs Thailand Pornpawee CHOCHUWONG
8 MD Kim ASTRUP Denmark Anders Skaarup RASMUSSEN Denmark vs Chinese Taipei LEE Yang [6] Chinese Taipei WANG Chi-Lin
9 MS LIEW Daren Malaysia vs Denmark Anders ANTONSEN [3]
10 WS YEO Jia Min Singapore vs Thailand Ratchanok INTANON [4]
11 Brice LEVERDEZ France vs Chinese Taipei WANG Tzu Wei
12 Vimala HERIAU France Margot LAMBERT France vs Malaysia CHOW Mei Kuan Malaysia LEE Meng Yean
13 MD ATTRI Manu India REDDY B. Sumeeth India vs Thailand Weeraphat PHAKJARUNG Thailand Wongsathorn THONGKHAM
14 MS PRANNOY H. S. India vs Malaysia LEE Zii Jia [8]

WS Supanida KATETHONG Thailand vs Indonesia Ruselli HARTAWAN
WD Rachel HONDERICH Canada Kristen TSAI Canada vs Indonesia Greysia POLII [5] Indonesia Apriyani RAHAYU
MD Satwiksairaj RANKIREDDY India Chirag SHETTY India vs Korea KIM Gi Jung Korea LEE Yong Dae
XD REDDY B. Sumeeth India REDDY N. Sikki India vs Hong Kong China TANG Chun Man [8] Hong Kong China TSE Ying Suet
WD Anastasiia AKCHURINA Russia Olga MOROZOVA Russia vs Malaysia Vivian HOO Malaysia YAP Cheng Wen
MS Mark CALJOUW Netherlands vs Hong Kong China NG Ka Long Angus [7]
7 MD Supak JOMKOH Thailand Kittinupong KEDREN Thailand vs Germany Mark LAMSFUSS Germany Marvin SEIDEL
8 MS Tanongsak SAENSOMBOONSUK Thailand vs Chinese Taipei CHOU Tien Chen [2]
9 XD Niclas NOHR Denmark Amalie MAGELUND Denmark vs Indonesia Praveen JORDAN [2] Indonesia Melati Daeva OKTAVIANTI
10 XD TAN Kian Meng Malaysia LAI Pei Jing Malaysia vs Germany Daniel HESS Germany Linda EFLER
11 MS LEE Cheuk Yiu Hong Kong China vs New Zealand Abhinav MANOTA
12 MD Jason Anthony HO-SHUE Canada Nyl YAKURA Canada vs Korea CHOI Solgyu [7] Korea SEO Seung Jae
13 XD Supak JOMKOH Thailand Supissara PAEWSAMPRAN Thailand vs Indonesia Rinov RIVALDY Indonesia Pitha Haningtyas MENTARI
14 WS KISONA Selvaduray Malaysia vs India Saina NEHWAL

1 XD Joshua HURLBURT-YU Canada Josephine WU Canada vs Germany Mark LAMSFUSS Germany Isabel HERTTRICH
2 WS Evgeniya KOSETSKAYA Russia vs Thailand Natchananpon ROONGPIBOONSOPIT
3 WD Amalie MAGELUND Denmark Freja RAVN Denmark vs Korea LEE So Hee [3] Korea SHIN Seung Chan
4 WS Sirada ROONGPIBOONSOPIT Thailand vs Egypt Doha HANY Walkover
5 MD Phillip CHEW U.S.A. Ryan CHEW U.S.A. vs Thailand Apiluk GATERAHONG Thailand Natchanon TULAMOK
6 MS PARUPALLI Kashyap India vs Canada Jason Anthony HO-SHUE
7 XD Jones Ralfy JANSEN Germany Kilasu OSTERMEYER Germany vs England Marcus ELLIS [7] England Lauren SMITH
8 WD Pearly TAN Malaysia THINAAH Muralitharan Malaysia vs Thailand Benyapa AIMSAARD Thailand Nuntakarn AIMSAARD
9 MD Pramudya KUSUMAWARDANA Indonesia Yeremia Erich Yoche Yacob RAMBITAN Indonesia vs Indonesia Mohammad AHSAN [2] Indonesia Hendra SETIAWAN
10 MS KIDAMBI Srikanth India vs India Sourabh VERMA
11 WD Catherine CHOI Canada Josephine WU Canada vs Korea CHANG Ye Na [6] Korea KIM Hye Rin
12 WS Yvonne LI Germany vs Egypt Hadia HOSNY
13 MS Sameer VERMA India vs Indonesia Shesar Hiren RHUSTAVITO
14 XD SEO Seung Jae [4] Korea CHAE Yujung Korea vs Egypt Adham Hatem ELGAMAL Egypt Doha HANY Walkover

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