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Sif World - 1\u0026a=details\u0026id=30144

Erik_The_Swift's beloved dog Sif is far from home and we need to get back!

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Death of Effie : 16:35 That's about right. I made the boss one hit, since I also edited the wave to speed up after a certain amount of frames, causing it to go fast within a minute. It'd seem more fair if it was one hit instead of the tradtional 3. Glad you're enjoying the hack so far though!

[신일 SIF-14GCK SIF-143GCT 선풍기리뷰!!]

Sif World - 2\u0026a=details\u0026id=30144

Interesting take on the motor skills mechanic

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Octavius Pepper : Believe it or not I had the exact same idea as the first level in this video. I actually made it back in Mario maker 2 and called it "To shell and back". Those were the days




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